A Quick Look at Wrestling-Themed Slots Games

Much like countless other professional sports, wrestling has enjoyed a massive presence within the digital domain. We are not simply referring to well-known games such as Nintendo's pro wrestling (originally released in 1986) and the more modern WWE 2K20 released on the PlayStation 4. Instead, the online community has been inundated by the sport and this momentum shows no signs of slowing down. This is also why developers are keen to leverage such power.

Including wrestling as a theme within their games is a great way to appeal to a much larger (and potentially younger) audience. Slots is a perfect example of this trend. What are some of the reasons why wrestling has proven to be such a popular genre and are there any specific platforms worth noting?The Popularity of Wrestling-Themed Slots PlatformsWe should first examine this subject from a marketing point of view. In terms of search engine optimisation, a slots developer is well aware of the why high ranks are important within a results page.

While more generic slots branding such as "Big Money Slots" might not receive many inbound hits, a title paired with a major wrestling personality such as "John Cena Slots" is much more likely to feature prominently.We also need to mention the simple fact that developers are now looking to cater to a younger audience (between 20 and 30 years old), as this represents a more tech-savvy generation. As many users are also fans of wrestling, it makes perfect sense to include this additionally appealing aspect within a standard game of slots.Fun, Exciting and (Potentially) LucrativeDevelopers are aware that players have entirely unique tastes. This is why they tend to work with versatile platforms such as Microgaming and NextGen in order to provide more choices in terms of the available games. Many of these games are also equipped with hefty rewards and attractive bonuses; some of which are listed here for example.

All offers aside, what are some popular wrestling-themed games?In terms of fame, there is no beating Andre the Giant Slots. Much like the legend himself, this platform offers five reels and up to 25 potential pay lines. Those who are lucky enough to unlock the hidden round can enjoy watching Andre the Giant destroying other contemporary opponents such as Hulk Hogan and Big John Stud.Karate Pig is another game worth mentioning. Developed in China, this platform offers five reels and an impressive 40 pay lines.

Karate Pig can be a great option for those who are looking for an anime-themed wrestling platform.Finally, Nacho Libre is worth a closer look. This Mexican-themed slots game offers five reels, 40 pay lines and the ability to place bets on individual fighters. A winning bet will transform this fighter into a wild symbol that can be used to rack up even more points.Be sure to perform additional online research, as there are many other wrestling-based slots games that will provide endless hours of enjoyment.

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