Common Mistakes to Avoid When Registering a Domain Name

Most articles place a great deal of focus upon the mechanics of building a website from the ground up. Although the importance of this process cannot be downplayed, we need to keep in mind that such suggestions would fall upon deaf ears if the appropriate domain name was not initially confirmed. Registering a domain name is not necessarily a complicated process and yet, there are still some notable mistakes to avoid. What are a handful of common errors? Please continue reading if you hope to avert such situations.Not Applying the Appropriate SEO TechniquesNever make the mistake of assuming that search engine optimisation is limited to the content within your website.

SEO is an equal concern when developing your domain name. This can be slightly tricky, as you are trying to achieve a balance between two situations:

  • Keeping the domain name short enough so that it is easily recognisable.
  • Being certain that it still conveys the core qualities of your business.
Take some time to try and straddle this digital "fence". Also, it recommended that you employ third-party tools such as Google Analytics before the domain registration process actually begins. By entering in the core keywords associated with your business, you will be provided with synonyms and additional options.

One of these choices could very well provide the necessary inspiration in order to develop a memorable title.Grammatical Errors and Word CountThere are instances when a memorable website is partially defined by a viral and even funny domain name. However, this can also backfire if the title itself is taken the wrong way. Consider this rather dubious (and fictitious) example:

  • ""
What impressions did you have when first reading the text? The point is that this domain name could be taken in one of two ways. The second concern is that such instances will often cause an inordinate amount of traffic navigating to your website.

It can be much more difficult to determine which visitors have arrived by mistake and those who represent potentially prospective clients. So, think about the grammar and syntax of your domain name carefully.In the same respect, there are instances when the original title has already been procured by another business. All hope is not lost, for you might be able to encounter a similar name that is still available. Shopify offers a bespoke domain name search engine and you can normally discover existing variants within seconds.

This is a much more preferable option when compared to performing such a task manually.The mistakes mentioned above are quite serious and they can be avoided altogether by becoming aware of their presence. Choosing and registering your domain name is an involved process and it will naturally take a bit of time. Still, there are an assortment of options at your immediate disposal. Planning ahead and knowing what is in store are the best ways to leverage the benefits of your business.

Online recognition will soon follow.

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