How to find the right online bank for you

In this digital age, why bother going to a physical bank branch? On the Internet, you can open a bank account in almost any country in a matter of minutes, and online banking has never been so popular. With more than 1 million registered customers, ING Direct has no reason to be ashamed of its figures ... With its many advantages, online banking appeals to users and makes more conventional institutions tremble...Have you finally decided to give in to the temptation? Before taking the plunge, rest assured that you have made the right choice. Choosing an online bank is not always easy.

Luckily, there are a few tips that will light your lantern and guide you on the right path.

Feel secure on the websiteThis

is where all your interactions with your bank will take place. If the images are pixelated or the platform looks like an old MySpace blog, run away! Even newcomers can afford to have a nice web showcase thanks to the many royalty-free images available here and there...Have you paid attention to the entire URL address? Is it preceded by https ? Meaning HyperText Transport Protocol Secure, this acronym is the guarantee that your confidential information is safe from hackers. If it does not appear or you do not see a padlock emblem, don't stay another minute on this site... These two elements are not the only ones you should pay attention to.

French mistakes, bright colours or offers that seem too good for you should be a warning.

Take the time to study each offerAt

first glance, you might think that all online banks are the same... After all, it's more or less the same old story... From promotional offers at sign-up, lower rates than traditional banks and 24/7 support... Don't stop there.

Take a closer look at the terms and conditions for credit cards. For example, when Boursorama requires a minimum income of €1,000 to become the proud owner of a VISA card, other online banks will require a minimum of €1,200.Also pay attention to the insurance rates in case of loss or theft. Although it's obvious, it's important to remember that your lifestyle is a key decision factor. Are you considering giving your spouse a right of review? Do you want to be free to use your bank card in all EU countries without penalties? Or is the sole purpose of this account to provide you with a nest egg? The purpose of such a difficult analysis is to find the bank that will meet your needs in the most advantageous way.

Be patient. You're going to need it...

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