Pollution and recycling in fashion

When we think about leading a more sustainable way of life we tend to imagine garbage cans divided by color and a stable organization to separate the waste. In many cases we go a step further and make the decision to consume less plastic by replacing it with more environmentally friendly forms. However, practically all sectors of society today have a lot to change in order to reduce the pollution they produce with their activity, and the fashion world is also in this situation, since some essential characteristics of this industry have negative consequences for our planet that we rarely stop to think about. We should mention the enormous amount of plastics used for packaging, dyes, the exorbitant amounts of water and pesticides used for the treatment of fabrics, or the pollution caused by the means of transport that bring the products to the shops.fortunately, we can see more and more often the appearance of methods that give stable and satisfactory solutions to some of these problems.

Only in this way can fashion become a more respectful and sustainable industry. Thus, it is increasingly common to find committed designers and manufacturers who decide to modify their production processes and improve the quality of their services according to the sustainability needs that are becoming more and more evident. These events have seen models designed exclusively with waste materials with the sole intention of drawing attention to the issue at hand. However, this is a simple advertising medium that does not become a definitive solution within the industry, but we do find solutions that go beyond a single noteworthy event.

These are the methods of production of the fabrics, the use of methods that are respectful of nature when treating the fabrics, or the use of raw materials from the environment to reduce the consumption of fuel associated with transport. Materials as a basis for ecological fashion One of the main urgencies in the field of ecology is the elimination of plastic waste that accumulates in an exorbitant way and is really difficult to control. Reducing the daily and industrial use of plastics and replacing them with other less harmful materials is an undisputed part of the solution, however, it is also necessary to find useful methods to give new life to existing plastics and this is where fashion plays a very interesting role with the creation of high quality fabrics from yarns created from these waste plastics.

Alexander Campbell
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