Superior e-commerce school will open in Brazil

The trend for e-commerce is changing the lives of Brazilians, both in their work habits and consumption. Check out the news about the opening of a higher school devoted to this subject in Brazil. The Brazilian job market is not, as we know, the simplest. The national economy has generated various difficulties for many people and circumstances such as unemployment or insufficient wages end up becoming more regular than would be desirable.

This scenario motivates many people to launch their own businesses and e-commerce has been one of the most common choices for Brazilian entrepreneurs. In fact, adding to the economic and technological motivations, the desire to work at home still seems to fit this moment, with the pandemic generating confinement.Opening an online store is something that many people are doing, believing that selling online, taking advantage of methods such as dropshipping can help achieve the desired success. Success, however, depends on many factors, and before opening yours on a functional platform that allows access to free images, the name and slogan generator, or a bar code generator, it is also important that you learn more about this industry and its characteristics. Knowing deeply can be the key to success in digital commerce, and that is why Brazil is betting on e-commerce schools.

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A college thinking about the futureThe

online platforms are excellent starting points for those who want to work in the e-commerce sector. The Brazil 2021 E-Commerce Forum has announced that it will open in Brazil, to combat the high rate of failure in selling products online, a School of E-Commerce. This school will be created in partnership with Live University and aims to create professionals specialized in this type of virtual commerce. What you

can study at the E-Commerce SchoolThe

trend of this new university is for growth, so it is expected to contain more courses in the future.

At first, this school will have three courses available:

  • MBA in E-Commerce;
  • Phigital Marketing;
  • Commercial Planning & Business Design.

How and where will this school work?

The Technical Council of the Escola Superior de E-Commerce will be formed by successful professionals in the area, with the intention of matching the activities of the academy with the needs and problems that effectively mark the sector in Brazil. Being experienced leaders of digital commerce companies, these courses will be in the hands of experienced professionals, being able to give students a better notion of what to do to sell online, presenting the challenges and opportunities of the real market. Knowing better than anyone these dynamics, they will be able to teach more useful and applicable content in everyday life. At the time of its launch, this school will be present in the cities of São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro................PLEASE DELETE:loja virtual gratis ("gratis" was miswritten, so I changed it to "free").

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