Tips to give your stairs a personal style

If we live in a house with an interior staircase, which we use to go up, for example, to the floor where the rooms are, we have surely thought about how to make the most of it by decorating it. With a bit of low-cost decoration style we can give a different air to this part of the home in which it is not usually usual to incorporate decorative elements. If we have children at home we can share with them the experience of painting and base it on the rainbow to give it a special style. Thus, each step should be of one colour, emulating this phenomenon that can be seen in the sky and that will help to give our home a very happy look.

With paint it is also possible to give another style to the stairs and even it is not only a solution to paint, but the space of the steps can be used to draw or write sentences. The possibilities are immense, the wall space left on the way up the stairs is usually left empty or pictures are taken. It is something traditional and perhaps we could consider decorating it in another way. Depending on the space we have, we can also place wooden and glass shelves like the ones available in Esdecor's online catalogue.

There are many possible models that differ in the material of manufacture or color. The choice of one model or another will depend on the style we want to provide the staircase with. If we have enough space on the way from one floor to another a good added resource can be the installation of hangers and hangers on the wall. This space can be much more useful thanks to the placement of these accessories, since it will be possible to leave everyday items hanging, such as a hat, a jacket, an umbrella or a bag.

Alexander Campbell
Alexander Campbell

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